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Frequently Asked Questions


Is everything on the menu spicy hot?


Although Thai food can be very spicy, the majority of our menu can be ordered mild with no heat at all.


Does My Thai have a liquor license?

Yes.  We have a wide selection of Beer and Wine. At the current time, we cannot serve alcohol on Sundays.  


Do you have a childrens menu?


Yes. Our childrens menu consists of a childs fried rice and chicken nuggets and fries.

Does your menu provide options for Vegetarian or Vegan diets?


Absolutely! Most of our sauces are vegetable base and everything is made to order. You can add tofu to just about anything or lots of vegetables.  Under the menu tab, you can view and print our Vegetarian/Vegan menu.


Does My Thai add MSG to their food?


There is no added MSG to our food! We make our sauces homemade.
Oyster Sauce does have some MSG so if you want to order something without oyster sauce, please look at our Vegetarian/Vegan Menu for dishes without oyster sauce.


Does your menu have gluten free options?


Our menu has a large selection of gluten free items. Due to the growing need of a wheat free diet, we have added a "GF" on our menus to identify naturally gluten free items.


Do you take reservations?


At this time, we only take reservations for tables of 5 or more.  We do have a small party room that holds around 16 people.  Please call to make a reservation.


Do you deliver?


No, we just have carry-out. No delivery service provided.
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